Inter Club Soccer Tournament

On August 2, 2023, TCV Chauntra hosted the Inter House Football Tournament, aimed at fostering a healthy sporting environment among the students. The tournament featured 24 teams, divided into four sections as follows:
Senior Boys: 9 teams.
Senior Girls: 5 teams.
Junior Boys: 6 teams.
Junior Girls: 4 teams.
The tournament began with a grand march pass on the football ground at 4:30 pm, accompanied by the school band. The event was attended by the school Principal and the school staff, gathering at 4 pm at the White House. During the ceremony, Mr. Passang Tsering, the school principal, addressed the players, emphasizing the significance of organizing such tournaments to allow students to showcase their talents in the true spirit of sportsmanship. The school also expressed its gratitude to the school Physical Education Teacher (PET) for making all the necessary arrangements and the impressive displays on the ground.

The climax of the tournament was the final match, which took place between Thundrel FC and Amey Caring FC. Thundrel FC emerged as the champions, lifting the championship trophy.