I first arrived in this school on 2010 and when i saw the school campus for the very first time from an outside view the designs of the school was magnificent and it give us new hopes. The school provides the student many places to study and many different places to do other activities as well.

Both teachers and other staff of this school are very supportive and inspiring. They always care about the students and always try to do their best. Student like me who had graduate from this school are very fortunate and bless enough to be part of this school.

I am very thankful to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, TCV and this school as well as beloved teachers and staff.

Pema Norbu

School Boys Captain ( 2020 )

Thank You TCV Chauntra, This is a small token of gratitude to my prestigious school. I am very much fortunate to grow on your shadow. I can’t believe I have graduated my 10 class and even can’t explain how six year in TCV Chauntra has swaft away. The moment of joy , sorrow , friends and enemies have always been like rollercoaster ride.

I want to thank each and every member of TCV Chauntra for your endless love, support , sacrifices , dedication and everything. Amala’s  , Genlas and every member of TCV Chauntra has played an extra ordinary role in the lives of hundreds and thousands of students .

TCV Chauntra just hasn’t provide us with the bookage knowledge but also educated the life lessons , moral habits , values , skills and all the components of better man ship. TCV Chauntra has always been home to many of us. Your contribution to us just cannot be expressed simply in words. Big thank you to my prestigious school TCV Chauntra .

Sonam Tsomo

School Girls Captain ( 2020 )

My name is Sonam Choskith. I m from a region of Ladakh called Zanskar. I have completed my higher secondary from TCV school Chauntra,it is the best institute for children where we used to get equal amount of modern education like other schools of India get.
It is the place where nature nurtures young minds.

I m really thankful to H H the 14th Dalai Lama and Ama Jetsun Pama la(Ama la) to taking us out of ignorance and piloting into the lighten up environment.The faculty of the school is so supportive. Specially thankful to all my teachers.

Again thanks to all my TCV Chauntra's staff.

Sonam Choeskith

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

It was 2013 when I was first joined this school. Now it's been almost completed 8 years. And my biggest experienced so far in this school was, all teacher's and staff are really so caring, determination and respectful towards every students. They played a wonderful role even in such situations, they always step forwards. Always making us comfortable. They treated us like family so that we didn't face any problems.
I am very thankful to all the teachers, staff and the school administrations for their great support towards us. We are really going to missed u all.
But we promised you all that whatever the situations is, we are going to prove our best in future and never let you down.
And my sincere thanks to every staff working in this institution from my deepest heart.
We may not say this everyday but your inspirational words are like beautiful footprints that have been touched in our heart and mind forever...
With much love and respect

Karma Choeyang Kyi

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

Saying goodbye to my beloved staff members and friends is one of the most difficult things that school never taught us. School life is filled with unforgettable memories in every student’s life. And I too had same memories which I can't forget in my life. I ended up my seven years so happily in TCV Chauntra. But now we all are graduate. We do our best to get this point but we didn't do it alone. We owe this school to the ever understanding and caring teachers and staff of school. I want to say a big thank you for sharing your time talent and knowledge with us.

Thank you for being our second parents in this school. You set us and challenge us to live up our dreams. To our principle and all the office staff. Thank you for keeping things running smoothly. Thank you for making this school and student good as possible. You all made yourself busy just to make and run our school perfectly. To our guidance counselors thank you for listening and trying to keep us on the right track. You all are like moonlight in the dark night. I look forward to continue the same things in best way.

Thank you.

Pema Bhuti

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

Thank You TCV Chauntra...

It is me the little red cheeked girl who cried for whole day at the first day of the school. Being immature, I feel like as if I am being send to a precarious place where no single face is familiar and everyone seems stranger to me.

Everything changed day by day; I get closer with stranger and began to know them better. Likewise day was ended followed by numbers of year and my standard kept on going up and up. In no time, the strangers from the beginning turns into inseparable friends and the strict looking teachers turn into our loving and caring teachers. These teachers of mine were our friends, our parents or sometimes our family. Thank you all the teachers for always being there when things gets more troublesome.

The uneducated dumb cow was grown into an educated young girl and her loneliness were driven away by the lovely once gathering around her every time. This is all thanks to TCV Chauntra. Thank you all for giving us such a marvelous and well facilities upbringing. Your love and care had left the same red cheeked girl in teary eye while leaving the school.

Things might change but deep within I will always be in debt with all those lovely souls of Chauntra. Although thanking you might not bring much difference but, for now all I have is those golden words ''Thank You".

Dickyi Gurung

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you. I am among the outgoing batch for this year, and I didn't want to leave without letting you know of my appreciation. Thank you so much for your kind help and the support you provided to us as well as a good learning environment

And it’s been a decade since i joint the school. And now i am graduating from my school. So i want to thank all the teachers.

Thank you for your time, your patience, your realness. Thank you for encouraging me, for supporting me, for caring about me. Thank you for seeing me as a partner in education, as someone who can teach others as well as learn. Thank you for inspiring me to learn, and for inspiring me to help others the way you have.

Now the time has come to end my filthy letter here. I hope my juniors will be doing great.With thanks and appreciation.

Tenzin Woeser

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

My name is Tenzin Yarphel. I came in the year 2017 at TCV School Chauntra. Those school days are unforgettable and in fact those days are the most fruitful days in my life. I proudly feel that I cherished every moment of my school life. I got infinity love and lessons from my teachers. I have never seen such hardworking and amiable teachers in my life.

They had been like my right hand in every field. I still remember about those critical days of Covid-19 , when my all the beloved teachers did their best to provide us extraordinary facilities and education. I specially thanks to my school principal for his hard work and providing full commitment towards the welfare for the students. I feel very proud to be a part your school. From imbecile to intellectual person. My four years journey in school has been full of astonishment and discoveries.

Time flies like an unceasing river. Finally in the year 2021, I was graduated. That day was  a  mixed feeling joy and sadness for me to being depart from my second home and beloved teachers. I am very thankful to each and every one who has been a part of my journey in school, especially to all my beloved teachers and home mother's. You guys made me who I am today.  Thanks again to all!

Tenzin Yarphel

Ex TCV Chauntra ( 2020 Batch )

My name is Thinley Wangchuk. I have completed till class X in TCV Chauntra. I am very grateful to get such school. It’s best school which I have ever studied. I am hearty thankful to my dear teachers and home mothers. I am also thankful to all staff members who supported my life.

I am specially thankful to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. I pray for you to live a life thousands of years. Eventually thank you TCV School Chauntra for everything. I will never forget your gratitude and I am always there for you.

Again Thanks to all the teachers and staff …..

Thinley Wangchuk

Ex School Prefect ( 2020 )