TCV Center for Special Education, Chauntra, started in March 2005 intending to offer special attention to children facing academic and physical hardship in schools. The project began with twelve children by screening from all TCV branch schools. Cared and nurtured by two Special Educators, a Physical Therapist and a Care Giver. The children are diverse in age and condition. The Center is focused on turning children self-reliant, independent, rehabilitated by offering tailored programs. (Academic and Non-Academic).All programs follow optimal inclusion in the diversity norms. The programs mostly lead by integrating our children with the mainstream school.


Academic Programs :

Weekdays, 4 hours of classroom study. Includes
Computation Physical Training
General Science
Art and Painting
Library Computer

Weekdays, 4 hours of followed programs based on children’s interest and skills.
  • Self-reliant programs:
    1. Cooking
    2. Gardening
    3. Waste recycling
  • Vocational programs:
    1. Carpentry
    2. Screen printing
    3. Noodle making
    4. Hairdressing
    5. Sublimation printing.


  • ACTIVITY DAY: Center has a weekly day program called ACTIVITY DAY. This concept was developed after a discussion with Ms. Necola Tansley (Consultant Resource Person of DoH for the program for Disabled people).On an ACTIVITY DAY, the day will be used for doing a particular practical everyday ACTIVITY like Making Tea Making Meals etc. The first couple of hours of the day will be used for Planning, Recipe writing, Budget calculation and Word & Sentence learning related to the activity. Following going to market for the first hands-on shopping experience. A teacher will be there to help but mainly the children have to do the choosing the items, bargaining, paying and receiving the right change. Next by a presentation by the shopping group in the class. Finally, a practical activity guided by the teacher. This program has enabled many children to prepare basic food and drinks.
  • SELF RELIANT PROGRAM: Every Saturday is celebrated as self-reliant day. In this program, the asked group is instructed to prepare a dish or a dessert and do the selling in school. Planning, budgeting, shopping, Profit & Loss statement is all prepared by the group (assisted by a teacher). The program aims to teach the idea of business, running of the business and the skills required in it. The program is budgeted by collecting Rs 10 of the pocket money from the group members.
  • THERAPY: Weekdays, 3 hourly is therapy. The program includes physical therapy, speech therapy, counselling, psycho-social therapy, behavioral therapy, dance therapy and music therapy. In the program, each child based on their needs receives thrice-weekly an hour of various therapy programs.
  • NATURE WALK: Weekly an hour of walking down nature to bring children closer to nature. This program shows therapeutic to children.
  • VALUE   EDUCATION: Weekly a period for teaching children secular ethics, moral values, integrity, courtesy in their daily practice.