Educational Facilities


We have a small yet a rich library with good collection of books on almost all subjects. The library remains open even during Sunday. There are two Librarians to take care of the library.

Computer Lab

Children above class V are given access to computer education. The school has two well-experienced and qualified computer instructors. Children are also given access to Internet facilities.

Science Laboratories

Science is taught better through observations and experiments. To facilitate this, a well-equipped science laboratory has been built. It is taken care of by a Lab. Assistant.

Resource Room

There is a well-equipped Resource Room where all the teaching aids are kept in and issued from. It is maintained and looked after by the Resource Room in charge who helps teachers to prepare teaching aids on daily basis.

Music Room

We have a music room well equipped with modern and traditional musical instruments. Both during and after the school hours, the dance and music teacher teach children how to play these musical instruments.

Football Ground & Basket-Ball Courts

The school has a nice and centrally located football playground, the best available in the locality. Apart from this, there are two basketball courts one for senior and one for the junior students.

School wet-canteen and tuck-shop

There is a wet-canteen and a tuck-shop facilities for the general students. While the wet-canteen sells different food items, the tuck-shop deals mainly with stationeries. The Canteen Committee supervises the quality and rates of the items, and submit their recommendation to the School Managing Committee chaired by the Principal.