“ I hear and I forget.I see and I remember and I do and I understand”

The department of Education has funded an educational excursion for the students of class VIII , IX and X of TCV School Chauntra this year on 16 May-18May 2023 respectively with the purpose to create interest in growth of science and technology and their application in the daily life bases . Around 200 students and 18 teachers went on to this excursion. The team boarded from the school gate at 8 am   in two buses and reached at the Science Centre in Palampur at 9:30 am. The centre has Science park, Portable Planetarium and fun Science gallery From their the students were divided in group under the guidance of their respective   teachers and the staff of the science center has taken the charge to explain all the fields and the students visited various galleries and the most fascinating part of the visit was Taramandal  in Unique portable planetarium, which accommodate around 23-26 at a time and provided a handy knowledge in explaining science behind celestial phenomenon, night sky etc. and the real experiment  presentation by the staff and made the students participate in the auditorium of the Science Centre was enjoyed the most by the escort teachers and students. The students spent time playing various science related games in the vicinity of Science Centre .

On the whole, The visit to the science center   was a wonderful experience with full of information of Science, Maths and much more, making science simple and interesting and made the students gain lots of knowledge . The students returned to their school around 5 pm with bagful of knowledge and joyful memories and moreover it was just a complete and knowledgeable trip.