Earthquake Mock drill and evacuation drill was executed for the entire school on 4th April,2023 as part of precautionary measure to make everyone aware especially the students and make them prepared during such calamities.

 The students were trained to drop, cover and hold on  themselves for few mins under the desk to be alert, quick and responsible , maintain calm  to avoid panic in such disaster. The students and staff members positioned themselves at predetermined points to perform drop, cover and hold and remained in their position until the shaking stops as soon as the bell  rings to indicates earthquake and  the students from each class were  quickly  made to move out from the guided routes  in proper lines under the guidance of each teachers to avoid chaos and confusion. The Special team has been sent to check for the injured and leftover students and they brough them down to the safer zone Thereafter head count was done by the class teachers to ensure the presence of everyone.

 Then the school Principal announced the termination of drill.