Good beginning is half done

TCV school Chauntra holds the first day orientation program in the presence of all the staff members at the school’s multiple purpose hall on 27th March ,2023 morning session from 9:30 to 11.  It starts with a welcome address by the school principal and beautifully made presentations make the program   a successful day by exchanging everyone’s thoughts on school over all with use of SWOT analysis.

The afternoon session started at 2:30 pm.

 SEE Learning team made presentations on the significance of integrating SEE learning in classroom teaching learning. And the yearly program and also hold demonstrations on the fun activities that could be used in the classroom to make learning fun.

Orientation day-2

 On the second day orientation program’s morning session shed light on the significance of learning Tibetan Language. Unlike years before this year the school’s main Focus area is to improve Tibetan language skills among the students. There the teachers shared different approaches and methods to develop Language skills. This interactive session successfully ends around noon.

  The afternoon session of the second day was taken by the school advisory committee. The committee’s member Gen Tenzin Dawala made presentations on the rules and regulations that should be respected and obliged to each and every student. How everyone plays a vital role in a functioning school peacefully. And how trivial things in School rules and regulations matters.