English Language Day

On the 8th of September 2023, TCV School Chauntra celebrated English Day with the theme “Learn English through everything you can get your hands on.” The day commenced at 7:15 am with a singing assembly on the football ground, featuring English teachers and students from classes IV to X who sang and danced ‘The Children of Paradise’ by Boney M. The entire campus was adorned with English language-related displays, showcasing rhymes, poetic devices, idioms, and more, encouraging exploration of the language and knowledge. Subsequently, everyone gathered in a beautifully decorated hall that immersed participants in the atmosphere of the English language.

The second session featured student-led book reviews, some accompanied by PowerPoint presentations, while others involved explanations by the students themselves. Class 7 students presented their reviews through video presentations. After the book reviews, a series of energizers entertained the students, including a kung fu-style activity centered around punctuation marks. At 8:20 am, nearly 12-15 students from each class presented their mini research work on the basketball court and the corridors, engaging the audience for almost one and a half hours.
At 9:50 am, a cup song performance captivated the audience, with active participation from students in Classes VI to X who skillfully played with cups while singing. The day’s third session, “My Favorite Character Contest,” commenced at 10:30 am, featuring a delightful array of characters such as Spiderman, Tanjiro, Cinderella, Marshmallow and many more. Among the contestants, Tanjiro emerged as the winner of the contest.

At 12:40 pm, all the classes came together for a lively “Just Dance Show,” where everyone enjoyed themselves and had a great deal of fun while learning English. The day concluded at 1:30 pm, leaving students and staff with cherished memories of a vibrant celebration of the English l