Mega G.K. Quiz Contest

A Mega G.K. Quiz Competition was held at the school auditorium on 11th October, 2022  in the evening.  It was organized by the Social Science committee. The participants in this quiz competition were the top three students from class 6 to 10. From each section three toppers were selected and there were 42 participants  in total. They were given this opportunity to honour them for their excellent academic performance in SA I. This quiz was conducted to encourage students to gain general knowledge apart from subject knowledge. The event was attended by the Principal, the Headmistress, the Assistant Headmaster, the teachers and the students from class 6 to 10.

There were six teams in the quiz competition and they were named after the six fundamental rights to Indian citizens namely 1.Right to Equality 2. Right to Freedom  3. Right Against Exploitation 4.Right to Freedom of Religion 5. Culture and Educational Rights  6. Right to Constitutional Remedy. There were six rounds and six quiz masters. The quiz was hosted by Mrs.Yangdon La, the chairperson of the Arts Department. Mr. Kelsang Gyatso La, the quiz master started the first round and he asked the students about Tibet and Tibetan and it was a multiple choice round. Next Mr. Gawa La quizzed some sports related questions. After that Mr. Tenzin Dawa La took the Science quiz and it was buzzer round. Miss Deki Wangmo La handled the current affairs quiz and it was Flip the Question. Mr. Sajan Singh’s came up with Math questions and it was calculation round. Mr. Tenzin Jorden La took the IT quiz and the last round was Tibetan Terminology  handled by Mrs. Karma Yangkyi La and she did the rapid fire round. The winner of the Annual Mega Quiz was bagged by Right To Freedom. The event was concluded with the feedback of the school Principal Mr. Passang Tsering La. He told the importance of general knowledge and current affairs.