Passang Wangde
Message from the School Principals desk

On behalf of TCV School Chauntra, children and staff, I welcome you all to our school website.
This site is designed to give you a glimpse into the life of the school and share the exciting opportunities that are available to our beloved children.I hope you enjoy getting information about our school with dedicated staff, where every student is valued and nurtured within a friendly and productive environment.

Being a small school in area and population allows us to get to know our students really well and to forge a strong relationship between School and Homes.¬†Our expectations will be to consistently make sure you are aware of your child’s progress, and answer any questions or concerns you have at any time. This form of two-way monitoring will help and ensure the success of our child’s education and well-being.

We take pride in saying that TCV School Chauntra has always stood for the golden principles of discipline, self-confidence and optimism. Our school must be a place where students want to learn and have fun. We provide a learning environment that is positive, safe, caring and a fun place to learn and grow.

 I feel fortunate for this new leadership role and welcome it with open arms. And, I am thrilled to be a new Principal and I am looking forward to embarking on an exciting school year.




               FORMER PRINCIPAL (2006 - 2012)
Message from the School Principals desk

The Tibetan Children's Village School, Lower Chauntra is very happy to launch its official website""at the time when the Tibetans throughoutthe world are commemorating the"50 Year in Exile".Through this website, the staff and students of this school extend our deep felt thanks to the Government and people of India for their unwavering support for the last half centurywhen we have been passing through the most difficult period in our long history. We also thank our dear sponsors and donors for their kind help and support without which it is impossible to achieve what we have achieved in terms of educating our children in TCVs.

With the formal launch of this website, it is our hope that we can make the required information about the school and its various activities easily accessible to all concerned- parents, sponsors and the larger communitiy. For instance, instead of making a call to us for a child's academic result, one can readily down load the same from our website instantly.

I take this opportunity to thank and congratulate Mr. Tenzin Thaplek, our Computer Instructor, for his personal initiative and endeavour to develop this website. It is because of his sheer persistent effort that our dream to have a website for the school has been materialized.

Lastly, I would like to call upon all our well wishers to kindly visit our website occasionally to get a glimpse of what is happening in our school. A sincere word of constructive criticism from your end will be highly valued and appreciated, and it will definitely go a long way to make a big difference.

Before I leave the desk, I would like to share the following short prayer with you all:

In the heavenly realm of Tibet

Surrounded by the chains of snow mountains,

The source of all happiness and help for beings

Is Tenzin Gyatso-Chenrezig in person -

May his life be secure for hundreds of kalpas!

With best wishes

Namdol Tashi (Mr.)