Tibetan Children’s Village School, Chauntra observed the anniversary of the devastating Kangra Earthquake which occurred on 4th April 1905 killing more than 19,000 people. We marked the day with the earthquake shakeout preparedness drill at 11 a.m. on 4th April 2017, Tuesday. All the staff and the students participated in the drill and it was successfully carried out under the guidance and the supervision of the School administrators.
The drill was done especially to ensure and educate our young generation to follow the safety measures and realize the huge developmental gains in terms of education over the past years. It is certainly very important to keep the memories of the past disasters alive to avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. The entire school practised the DROP, COVER and HOLD ON and then evacuated the rooms as according to the instructions.
The school has taken a new dimension in carrying out the procedures of the drill. All the staff members are distributed into different management groups or teams with a group leader and an assistant each to remain fully alert in case of any kind of emergencies and disasters in the school.
Followings are the different management groups to handle such disaster.

  1. School’s Disaster Management Team
  2. Awareness Campaign Team
  3. Disaster Alarming Team
  4. Fire Fighter Team
  5. Disaster Rescue Team
  6. Transportation Team
  7. First Aid Service Team
  8. Media Management Team
  9. Food Supply Team etc.





The importance of nutrition cannot be denied, at any stage of life. The children spend most of their time here in the school away from home. Therefore it becomes very important for the school to watch over the holistic development of the child. And it starts from what food children intake at this period of young age. We need to have proper understanding about the nutritional values.


Thus the home mothers play pivotal role in children’s diet in the school as such a workshop was conducted in the school premises especially for the home mothers by Mrs. Kalsang Sharling, Director of TCV Mothers’ Training Centre with Dr. Bianca Maria Ext Preysch from Switzerland.

The content of the workshop was mainly about the intake of the nutrition needed and essential for the children in their growth at this particular period of time. It was very helpful and complete eye opening learning for our home mothers.


We are privileged to have Dr. Pema Yangchen (Ed. D in Curriculum and Instruction, UNI Lowa USA) in our school to conduct a workshop for the TGT teachers on the Professional Development Program from 24 to 30 March 2017. There were total 19 teachers who attended the workshop from 3 to 5 p.m. for six days in the evening.


The goal and the objective of the workshop are to help the teachers and educators to improve their professional knowledge, competence, skill and effectiveness in their own profession. It is important because it ensures the teachers to be continuously competent and energetic throughout their career. It enlarged and polished the abilities of the teachers to take on new responsibilities and grow in our profession.

Some of the important topics she covered were ….

  1. What is teaching and learning process?
  2. Why are they important?
  3. Qualities of a good teacher and a learner.
  4. As teachers, what are your teaching philosophies?
  5. How to frame Rubric chart and why is it important? Etc.




The Spring Fete is one of the major events of the school held in the month of March soon after the school reopens for the new academic session. So this year too we had our school’s Spring Fete on Saturday, 18 March 2017. The event is carried forward with the full cooperation from the staff and the students.
It is a much awaited day for the children to enjoy and experience different new dishes and play exciting games. This year the school organized the fete on the large football ground full with different stalls for the children to explore. The income that we receive from this particular event is spent on children’s sports and games equipments.
Moreover such event educates our children to be more self reliant, cooperative and motivate them to become a contributing member of the society.

Tibetan national uprising day (10th March 2017)



Formal function was held at Chauntra government school ground with all the Tibetan people living in the region in which statements from Kashag and Chitue were publicly read. And then class 10 students and staff participated in peaceful procession at Tehsil Joginger Nagar and function at Gandhi Ground. That was the first ever organized in Joginder Nagar local people aware of Tibetan struggle against communist China.

School opening functions (7th March 2017)

Mr. Kumphel Sharling la has graced the function by giving away of prizes to academic awardees and made invaluable speeches based on his prolong experience in TCV institution. He advised the student for having firm interest-based aim in one’s life so that one can consolidate the energy to achieve the aim. Mr. Dawa Gyatso la the Headmaster wind up the program by extending vote of thanks to school principal for introductory speech, chief guest for prize distribution and core speech and to all the students and staff.


Teachers Orientation Meeting (6th March 2017)

Begin the day with welcome speech by school Principal Mr. Passang Tsering in the Choe-Khang in which he addressed about minutes of EDC and MDC. He also made teachers to prepare and reenergize for the forthcoming academic year 2017. Headmaster summoned a short meeting in the afternoon to distribution of time tables of the classes and individual teachers. Staff welfare committee has organized welcome party to all staffs in the evening.



Every year Parents’ Day is celebrated on 5th March in the loving memory of His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s Great Mother Gyalyum Chenmo. This is a special day for every Tibetan to celebrate and to mark the birthday of Dicky Tsering, the mother of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, as an expression of gratitude for giving us such a wonderful and extra ordinary leader.

For our school it’s a double celebration because every year a group of our dear sponsors from Austria headed by Mrs. Inge Eisett ensure that they celebrate this special occasion with us. This year also we had in total of 11 sponsors who came all the way from Austria to our school to make this day a special and memorable one. It was actually a two day visit on 4 and 5 March 2017. They filled the space of parents for our destitute children and enlightened their little hearts.

So taking this opportunity we want to thank all our sponsors for being so kind, loving and supportive to our children and our school. We hope to celebrate this day together for many years to come in the future.




                                                                  WE ARE BACK !!


For a big change Mega quiz contest was held on 17thOctober, 2016 at school auditorium during 5th and 6th period. That programmed consist of 5 groups named as white, green, yellow, red and blue. Each group contains 5 members from class 7-10. All of them managed to answer for the entire round as English, Maths, Science, Current Affairs, Information Technology and Tibetan History. First position begged by yellow groups.



There are many people who like to donate things to the poor and needy because they are blessed with every comfort and know that others are struggling, but there are some people who don’t like to donate anything in their life for homeless people because they only live for themselves. It is everyone’s duty to give to help poor children who are less fortunate, though if you are helping someone in their need, then you are doing the right thing by providing them with the essentials. In this world it is a fact that whatever seed you sow, that’s the sort of fruit you’ll get. With this we are very fortunate to have a philanthropic who has sacrificed her 26 years sponsoring TCV School especially our school TCV School Chauntra Mrs. Margret Ayton and Mrs. Pam Purcell. On 17thoct, 2016 she had shared her real life story and the main purpose of helping our school and TCV as a whole.


Inter House Athletics’ meet 2016 (15TH Oct.)

“The moment of victory is much too short to live for that and nothing else,” said Martina Navratilova, Tennis player. Apart from commemorating victories, sports meets also aim at imparting lessons on sportsman spirit and camaraderie to children. TCV Chauntra organized the Annual Sports Meet 2016 on 15th Oct at the school ground upholding this aspect of sporting events.
Our school is fortunate to have Mr. Sonam Sichoe la Education Director of TCV School as the Chief Guest of the Ceremony. The chief guest hoisted the flag signaling the start of the sports Meet. After the inspection of the four houses, Nyatri, Trisong, Triral and Songtsen by the chief Guest, the March past and Oath Taking Ceremony followed. The Oath was taken by Mr. Drukla Tsering in Tibetan and Miss Choeying Lhadon in English respectively. They pledged to uphold the spirit of true sportsmanship. The chief guest declared the meet open and then followed the arrival of the torch. Rinzin Tsering of Senior Division from Songtsen House was the flag Bearer. The day was filled with exciting victories and near misses for all the houses.
After the students’ events the staff members also participated enthusiastically in the events scheduled for them. The trophy for the leading house was bagged by Songtsen house . The day ended with a cheerful note, heralding the year 2016, also filled with promises for all the young sports enthusiasts.





On 2ndoct, 2016 we celebrated the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as “Thank you India Day”. This programmed was organized by Hindi Madam Mrs.Rekha Devi. We invited Shri Pyar Chand Pradhan of Lower Chauntra as our chief guest of this grate occasion.

All the staff and student assemble at loder hall at 8:45 am. We had lamp lighting by Chief Guest. Class 6-8 recited Hindi Poem and class-9 students sang Patriotic Hindi song.After that Programme we had cleanliness campaign by community services. All the staff and students together cooperate in that programme. Overall, the programme was very successful one.




This was held on 28thSeptember, 2016 in our school loder hall at 3:30p.m. Organized by the English committee. The main aim aims and objective is:

  • To facilitate our students in extra literary platform.
  • To highlight the importance of spelling as literary skill.
  • To encourage our students to come out of their comfort zone and achieve success.

Firstly, announcer welcomes all the pronouncer on the stage. There were only four rounds as Easy, Average, Difficult and Championship .Our school principal was call upon and awarded the winner. Master Tenzin Rangdol of class 9S was announced as the year 2016 class 9 and10 English spelling champion.



ENGLISH ANNUAL PLAY (26thSeptember, 2016)

Drama: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

For a change this year Mega Drama was played by class IV instead of class VII. The two subject teacher Mrs. Passang Tsamchoe la and Mrs.Tenzin Tsering la has taken initiative to make the student learn by heart the script. The practice started from first September and ended on 26th September. About 40 students participated in it.
The drama was staged on 26thSeptember 2016 in the evening at 6:45 pm in our school loter hall with the student and staff.
The participants and the eight committee members worked very hard and the result was an outstanding one. The best male actor was bagged by Tenzin Yeshi of class IV-D and Eskit Dolma of class IV-S was consider as the best female actor.



MARATHON RACE (15thand 16thSeptember, 2016)

Games committee organized Inter-House Marathon race on 15 and 16 september.During the practice all the students were made compulsory to participate in marathon race and the housemaster finally selected 45 students respectively.  There 45 students was put into four different category according to their index.
The fastest runner from girls open division is Miss.Sonam Tsomo from Trisong House.The fastest runner from the senior boys was Mr.Rinchen Tsering from Songtsen house. The fastest runner from Inter Boys division is Mr.Tenzin Gawa from Nyatri house and the fastest runner from the Junior Boys division is Nyima Tenzin from Nyatri House.
Overall first position goes to Songtsen House.



In our school, grand science day was held on 14thSeptember, 2016 at our school auditorium. There were approximately 450 students involved in that programme. Sambhota school students came here as guest of that programme. Whole programme was organized by science teachers of class 6-10.

The main aims and objectives were:

  • Students learn by doing themselves through project making.
  • They understand concepts of science through moving models.
  • Building life skill-they learns to co-operate and work in groups.

The programme proceeded through presentation, skit, song, trash ion show, exhibition and shown a movie on the life of Stephen hawking.
Position holders were:

  • Smart city model-prepared by Sangay Ngodup group class-10.
  • Handmade projector-prepared by Dorjee Damdul group class-8.
  • Science magazine logo winner-Dawa Sangpo 9-D and Jorden 9-D
  • Science poster competition-Tsewang Namgyal 10 B, Dawa Sangpo-9D and Tsering Dhondup 8-D.

Overall, the programme was very successful and encouraging.




STAFF DAY (5thSeptember, 2016)

On 5th September, in our school, we celebrated teacher’s day as staff day. Because, we consider T.C.V. as our home. We would like to thanks to our school captains that we celebrated this occasion in very pomp and glorious way.
It was the time when students got the chance to convey their teachers and staff for their hardwork.Specially, all the staff members contributed faithfully to the students games.
We are very glad that, our 2016 staff day turned to be a memorable one not only for the staff but also for all the students.




DEMOCRACY DAY OF TIBET (2ndSeptember, 2016)

Democracy Day of Tibet was celebrated with a sangsol at 8 am in the loter hall.staff and students above class VII attended it.  The function started with the song “Mangtso-sarshey” along with school band. The guest of honor was Mr.Dorjee Tsetan La,  member of the Tibetan parliament in exile. The introductory speech was given by Mr.Lhakpa Tsering la as fundamental values of democracy. This year under the guidance of our school principal .we had a special program to give platform is the entire student of class V-VIII.  The main purpose is to preserve our own cultured, traditional and enrich it further. Class V and VI the entire student has competition with musical skill where as class VII-VIII has shown their talent in typical Tibetan traditional dance (Gorshey) they did a commendable job.


70th Independence Day Programme (15th August)


In collaboration with India’s 70th Independence day our school had organized the 1st ever Chauntra’s Got Talent this year under the guidance of our school principal Mr. Passang Tsering la. In this show students show off their talents beyond their every day school life. Participating in a school talent show is a great way to show off a particular talent in front of friends and the school audience. Everyone is good at something, so don’t be afraid to try out! Singing well or playing an instrument in talent show is a great way to put your skills to use. Remember that talents come in many forms, so feel confident in yourself and at least try out. There’s always a chance you might even come in first!
This year Chauntra’s Got Talent show was a huge turn out! We had lots of talent including solo performance, group dance, drama etc. A total of 13 acts entered in the finally. The entire contestant provided the audience with a rich, varied and highly entertaining programme of spectacular events. There were several powerful solo performances like the song of Tenzin Rangdol la, Tenzin Chokey la taping her feet on Bruno Marce song called ‘Funky Town’ etc. The whole programme was judge by 5 teachers of our school and they are Mr. Lobsang Tashi la, Mr. Tenzin Shenphen la, Mrs. Passang Dolma la, Gen Lobsang Dhakpa la and Gen Migmar Tsering la. With their impartial judgement the winners were

1st place : Karma Wangdak and group ( drama)
2nd place: Thokmey and group (English song)
3rd place: Nagwang Youtso and group (Hindi folk dance)

They are all winners! And that they all deserved a round of applause. Our hearty congratulation to all the participants and especially to the winners.





SHORT VISIT BY MR.THUPTEN DORJEE LA (3rd to 5th August, 2016)


It was a great pleasure and to have the president of TCV School Mr.Thupten Dorjee la.He spent around 3 days act of his busy schedule during his stay,he visited every nook and corner of our school like fields of education,care centres,school infrastructure etc.
Later is the second day of his stay, a formal talk was arranged for the staff in the school  lotter hall at 3:30 p.m.  His talk was  really inspirational and motivational.  He shared us about his 40 years experience in TCV family as sponsorship secretary to the administrator.
With the shail period of his visit,he aggrorated the people responsible to carry out the goals and missing sit by the school.  We are really fortunate to have him around in our school and thank you.


His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama turned 81.  It was the day to remember the kindness and the service that His Holiness was devoting his entire life for the Tibetan in the whole world. The day was started via a traditional Tibetan sangsol at 7:30 in the morning and followed by the main function. His Holiness the Dalai Lama portrait was hailed from and main chapel in the school hall by the school Principal and the M.C members. All the staff members, the captain had offered scarf in His Holiness portrait. Next School principal described the History of His Holiness through power point presentation and video clip were shown. This year is to commemorate the 81st birthday. All the people are asked to perform 81 good deeds at the end of this year. The day was one of the most memorable day for all the staff and students of TCV Chauntra.








All the students and teachers from junior section get together at school Lecture Theater on 29th June, 2016 to witness the poetry recitation from class 1-3. Organized by Tibetan committee members. The main aims and objective of this programmed were the following:

  • To reimburse interest in Tibetan learning.
  • Student will gain self-assurance on top of learning base in their studies.
  • Help the student to get an opportunity to countenance the stage.


With this competition 1st position begged by class-IIIS followed by ID and IIS. Overall it was good and got immense learning Tibetan poetry for the students.




On 27-28th June, 2016.TCV Chauntra celebrated English Festival in our school multipurpose hall. At that day we had fortunate to have Mrs.Tenzin Palmo La, English Resource Person (TCV) to organized that programme.Main purpose of that programmed was to

  • Speak in English.
  • Teach students to spend money on books.
  • Encourage reading and create reading atmosphere.

Within two days. All the students from Infant to class-X enjoyed that atmosphere. The hall was decorated beautifully with stories, reading materials and stalls. At the end of these two days students will be able to use English in their interactions, bought various reading books and soft toys. Really, it was amazing and they enjoyed new reading environment ever in Chauntra.




TCV CHAUNTRA, SCHOOL organized international day against Drug abuse and illicit trafficking was held on 26 June 2016.
This program was held with the aim of minimizing the rate of substance abuse in the school by organizing art and essay competition among students from class 3-10.morever, class X students took part in presentation about what are drugs, its effect and why people fill into drug addiction.
The winners of art and essay competition on substances abuse were awarded with cash prize. The program went very effective.


After prolonged learning basket ball .We had house wise final competition. This year we played knockout team with open. At last only 12 students got an opportunity to participate in real competition. Final competition was held on 23rd June, 2016 between Triral house with Trisong for the open Girls and Triral House with Songtsen with open Boys. First position of the Boys was Songtsen House and the Girls were Triral House. Overall, First position was begged by Triral House.


Maths Tambola(21st June 2016)

21st June 2016, was observed as maths say in TCV School, Lower Chauntra.The maths department conducted a maths Tambola during 6thand 7thPeriods at school auditorium in the presence of school Principal and Headmaster.  The objectives of this Tambola was to engage maximum number of students, to make maths learning fun and to motivate the students to practice and retain basic math facts,  Unlike usual Tambola,the students were given maths terms and phrases instead of direct numbers.  Full house in the second round of Tambola was bagged by Tenzin Namsel of IX-D.  The students enjoyed and hopefully learn basic math terms, and phrases through this engagement.



International Yoga Day (21st June 2016)

The International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June to bring peace, harmony, happiness and success to every soul in the world. This was a great opportunity to imbibe the value of discipline. Yoga is a mental, physical and spiritual practice that needs to be carried every day. Children got the chance to know how yoga embodies unity of mind and body. In our school the students of classes 9 and 10 with the teachers performed Yoga between 7 am and 8:30 am under the guidance of Physical Instructor Mr. Tenzin Geychen la and Yoga Teacher Mr. Urgen Chomphel la. Different yoga postures like Vrikshasana, Uttaanaasana, Bhujangasana, Pawana Muktaasana, finally ended with Pranayama and meditation. Heartfelt thanks to the Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi for giving an opportunity for schools to celebrate the International Yoga Day. Our school is also thankful to CBSE for initiating this under them.



Summer Fete (18th June 2016)

Our school summer fete was held on Friday 18th 2016. It was a wonderful event organized by all the teachers and student helper. There were numerous stalls and activities such as face painting, penalty shootout, treasure hunt, food stall, refreshment stall, disco club, tam bola etc. The fete is always a huge success, with great participation from the local people and our school tiny teachers. Thank you to everyone who came along to our summer fair. The sun shone, it didn’t rain and everyone had a really lovely time. Thanks everyone who helped, staff and parents. All in all we managed to raise an amazing fund for the cultural committee of the school!! Take a look at the photo album in the photo gallery for lots more lovely photos from this year’s fair.



Echoes from TCV School Chauntra : Inter-House cultural night (28th May 2016)

The most important objectives of Tibetans children’s villages are to build up a sound perceptive of our Tibetan uniqueness and ethnicity among the Tibetan students. With this aim in mind our school has hold a mega event every year called an inter-house cultural song and dance competition. This year inter-house cultural night was organized on 28th May 2016 in the school auditorium. This mega event unlike the other activity of the school involves large number of students to cherish the richness and the beauty of our culture, ethnicity and tradition in this technology world. The categories for the competition were senior cultural dance, duet song and House group song. The students of all the four houses performed elegantly and we were happily surprised to view a variety of Tibetan folk dance forms and songs. The auditorium resonated with spirited song, erecting the ambience of the country where folk fervor is fittest. With the song and dance rang through the hall and no foot in the audience could have resisted tapping along!. It is the sheer hard work of all the house masters, our two music teachers and most importantly the students.
To grace the occasion, we have invited Gen Thupten Dorjee la the newly elected executive director of TCV to be our guest of honor on the night of the competition. The adjudicators for the competition were

Mr. Kunphel Sharling la (retired admission officer)
Mr. Phuntsok Tashi la principal TCV Gopalpur
Mr. Bhuchung Tsering la Music Teacher TCV Gopalpur

With the impartial judgment of the adjudicators after the competition, the result was declared and the winners were awarded by the chief guest.

The results are
Songtsen House has won the competition for the two consecutive years (2015 and 2016)

Second place was begged by Nyatri house Followed by Trisong and Trial.
After the prize distribution, the guest of honor was requested to give a speech on his view on the inter-house cultural completion. Thereafter, the chairman of games and sports committee Mr. Dawa Gyatso la gave a word of thanks and the program came to end with the singing of Tibetan national anthem.




KAGYUR READING ( 12th and 13th May,2016 )

As a Buddhist we must have knowledge of reading our Buddhist scripture. So, the cultural committees of T.C.V Chauntra organized Kagyur reading for the purpose of prevailing peace for all the sentient beings on this Earth and longevity of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Starting from 7.30 am to1.20 p.m, all the students from class 7-10 gathered at their respective class room to read Kagyur Rinpoche and other teacher were gathered at School temple to continue reading the same scripture. Junior Section students gathered at Loder hall to recite Mantra (OM MANI PADME HUM) which took two days. At last this Kagyur reading was successful and good deeds obtained by the staff and the students of this school will be forever cherished.



Tibet our Country Project (27th April 2016)

Num of days: 22 days

This programme is one of the most important in our school Calendar which reflects and brings forward Tibet’s tradition, culture and religion etc. This activity is the best example for the CHILD CENTERED METHOD OF EDUCATION because it needs students overall participation and teachers guidance. We were allotted about 22 days to teach and work on this project. This year we started this programme on 6th April to 27th April 2016. The topics were chosen by keeping in mind the focus areas of TCV this year i.e. “Moral and Ethical values”. Some of the topics are 365 daily advices from the heart, Middle way approach, origin of honorific words etc. The actual presentation of the project was done yesterday on 27th April whole day in the school auditorium. The most important part is that students have practically learned about the importance of Moral and Ethical values from the rich cultural and heritage of our country Tibet. The day was a knowledgeable and a fruitful one.

Tibet Our Country Project

Tibet Our Country Project

Tibet Our Country Project

Tibet Our Country Project

2016 International Health Expeditions i.e. Himalayan Health Exchange lead by Mr. Ravi Sigh organized their 21st annual medical/dental and public health camps in our school on 22nd April 2016 till 24th April 2016 for 3 days.The 3 days programmed was a successful and a very helpful one for all the family of TCV School Chauntra.We were able to take all the benefits from the camp and they were generous enough to look after all the minute problems of the family members.We would love to have such kind of medical camp in our near future.Thank you so much for being such a great help.Your work is the real example of our school Motto “Others before self”.

We from the core of our heart would like to extend a huge and abound thanks for Mr. Ravi Singh and his team. Thank you once again.



HEALTH AWARENESS (21-April-2016)
As we all know that “Health is Wealth”. On 21st April, 2016 BTS Health centre doctors and nurses came to TCV chauntra and gave valuable talk on different topic as follows:

  1. Controlling obesity.
  2. Hepatitis knowledge.
  3. Dental Hygiene and
  4. Awareness about Tuberculosis.

The speech was very effective and helpful to the student and staff.


Resource Person talk Cum Book Fair by Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (19th and 20th April 2016):

Brief History:

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) is a Tibetan library in Dharamsala, India. The library was founded by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama in the year 1970 June 11 and is considered one of the most important libraries and institutions of Tibetan works in the world.
The library contains sources which were relocated from Tibet during the 1959 escape, including important Tibetan Buddhist manuscripts and Archives related to Tibet’s history, politics, culture and even art.

The Primary Objectives:

The primary objective of the library is to provide a wide-range cultural resource of the highest standard and to promote a milieu to facilitate research and the exchange of knowledge.
It was really fortunate for all the TCV School Chauntra Staff and students to get to know about this unique organization from the General Secretary of Library of Tibetan Works and Archives Mr. Nagwang Yeshi la. This year it was the 2nd visit or book fair by Library of Tibetan Works and Archives. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks especially to Lowell Thomas and Lowell Thomas, JR. for their exclusive and precious photos when journey into Tibet. In a nut shell the book fair cum resource person talk was really a thought provoking and a knowledgeable one. We would love to have some more of such kind of Photo exhibition and book fair in the near future.

The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives (LTWA) is a must visit for the book lovers.



DOLMA TSEDON (A night prayer session)
Every year TCV School Chauntra cultural committee organizes a night prayer session called Dolma Tsedon.  This year we had Dolma Tsedon (A Prayer especially for goddess Tara) on 16th April, Saturday.  In the evening all the staff and students gathered in the school loter hall at 7 pm till morning 7 am.  The main aim and objective of this prayer session are:

  1. For the long live of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.
  2. To eradicate and overcome all the obstacle, hindrances in the school and all the sentient beings on the Earth.



As we have a proverb in English that “today’s reader is tomorrow’s leader”. Likewise today’s speaker can become tomorrow’s leader as well. Therefore, the school has created a platform and an opportunity for the children to display their own speaking in English.  Moreover this year we have tried to make the contest a bit special by keeping the moral proverbs as for tits topics.  we have deliberately done this as the focus area of TCV this year is “to promote moral values and ethic in our children”. Simultaneously children learnt something new.
There were total 12 participants,4 students each from each class. The individual first position was bagged by Tenzin Dawa l from 10D and the overall class wise result, the first position was taken by 10 D.



Geshe Dorjee Damdul la Speech
TCV Chauntra was very fortunate to listen to the speech given by Geshe Dorjee Damdul la On 11 April, 2016 .He had focus mainly on 'What 21st  century Buddhist should be?' And Tibetan should felt the gratefulness of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He also advised youngster to build up their reading habit. So, he recommended some of the valuable books like Beyond Religion and Ethics for the new millennium.
This was mesmerizing and very effective talk for all the staff and the students.


Earthquake mock drill was done in TCV Chauntra as per the instruction and direction of GEOHAZARD India. It is done every year in our school to remember the Kangra Earthquake in 1905 and especially the casualties and death toll. Mock drill is the only way that every one of us must learn to mitigate the casualties in the time of disaster. It is very unpredictable nature of earthquake that we must prepare all the time as saying goes expect for the best and prepare for the worst.



In our school Class X D students under the supervision of subject teacher Chotop Tashi (Mr.) organized 20 minutes long earthquake related morning presentation comprises of video clip, short talk and skit show. The motive behind organizing such varied activities in front of all the students and teachers was to teach how to save oneself in the time of Earthquake.
At 11:00 am real mock drill was done in which all the staff members were grouped into different department of task. We have awareness team, evacuation team, medical team, media team and etc. the whole task was coordinated by Mr. Chotop Tashi. It was turned out to be very effective with earnest support from school administration in terms of material facilities such as medical aids, stretchers, helmets and florescent overcoat and more importantly the participation of administrators themselves in the programme.

At last spring fete came on 26th March2016.All the staff members were busy with their own stall. Few outsiders reached in our school. All the students were enjoying the day with full smile. In the evening they enjoyed with Tampola and whole Sunday they watched various latest movies. Overall, all the students and staff end the day with full swing.


On 24th March, 2016.  Dr.Dhasel la and his team came to our school and gave speech about the causes, effect, and prevention and cured about TB. He also mention about MDR and why it’s spreading spacious amount in school. He also gave chance to the student to asked multi questions and he answered them accordingly. At the end our school principal gave thank you note to them. Overall, it was precise and well acquaint about TB to all the staff and students.



This was held on 23rd March 2016 organized by class-X students. It was first co-curricular activities in our school. It began with introduction of the entire participant. Announcer read rules and regulation. The entire participant spoken about various topics. First position was bagged by Miss Tenzin Kadon la of class-X-S and class wise first position was hold by class-X-D with 353 marks. Feedback was provided by gen Kalsang Gyatso la. After all this activities went well with good topics.



Tibetan National Uprising Day (10th March 2016)
10th March, a day that no Tibetans will ever forget. We commemorate it as the Tibetan National Uprising Day since from the time we lost our country in the year 1959.


This year the staff and the students above class 7 of TCV Chauntra assembled in the Chauntra Indian market ground to observe the day with the settlement people, CST Sambhota, TCV Suja staff and students. The guest of the day was honorable MP Juchen Kunchok la. The function started off with the singing of Tibetan National Uprising Day song followed by reading of the letter from Kashag by MP Juchen Kunchok la.


After the function dissolve, the students of class 10th, subject teachers and the Administrator of the school proceed towards Palampur to participate in the peace March.                                  

PARENTS DAY (5th March 2016)

The United Nations proclaimed June 1st to be the Global Day of Parents “To appreciate parents in all parts of the world for selfless commitment to children and their lifelong sacrifice towards nurturing this relationship”. But each year we celebrated Parents Day on 5th of March in collaboration with the birth anniversary of the great mother of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama, Gyalyum Chenmo Dickyi Tsering. Keeping the auspicious nature of the day, the guest of honor was


Mr. Tsering Dorjee la the Local Assembly president of Bir Chauntra Dege Division.



The academic prize distribution was done for the students who have excelled in the different areas of learning for the previous year. Our school Principal has thrown light on the importance of parent’s role in a child’s life and how they influence children in many ways. Including how they act, talk, walk and the way they act around other people. Even when the children grow up into adults, they still adapt some things that the parents do. At the end we had Parents meeting their child’s respective Teachers to make the bond stronger for the overall growth of the child. The day was really a commendable one.


TCV Lower Chauntra School opening function was held on 1st March 2016. The new academic year began with a special assembly. The staff and students gathered in the hall to attend a short formal function. The guest of honor was Mr. Kalden Norbu the Welfare officer of Bir Chauntra Dege Division. Our school Principal Mr. Passang Tsering la addressed the students by mentioning the focus area of the TCV this year i.e. “Moral and Ethical values”. After that newly elected Staff member for different positions like staff welfare, advisory committee, house masters and new teachers who has joined TCV Chauntra family were honored with customary scarf with a load of appreciation. The day went on smoothly.



Newly elected school Captain and Prefects were taking oath to take responsibility of the school.

CAMPUS REBUZZING (Orientation Day)

As each year is a milestone in the history of a school, TCV Chauntra has started its significant activities for the academic year 2016 with the orientation programme for the staff member on 28th and 29th of February 2016. The orientation started with a valuable and thought provoking message from His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama on the moral and ethical value. So, this year the focus area of all the TCV School is to inculcate “Moral and Ethical Value”. In a nut shell the orientation programme was a productive one.



The session 2015 came to end with much success and happiness. Hoping to see all our hardwork and sincerity come out with a colorful result.

Now its a time for us to wish the Whole Chauntra family a happy and memorable winter vacation with a promise to meet again in the start of the next session. Lastly, Wishing each and everyone, especially our dearest sponsors a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016.

Celebrating Gandhi Jayanty
It’s a great opportunity for many to pay homage and due respect to one of the most distinguished and empathetic human ever known on this world family, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. Taking this precious opportunity, throughout India 2nd October is commemorated as the birth anniversary of Gandhiji, and is popularly celebrated in the name of Gandhi Jayanti.

Chief Guest Mr. kishore lal lighting the butter lamp

Recently a year back, the prime minister of India, honorable Narendra Modi gave a new look and a sensible way of celebrating and honoring the man of vision and humanity by working on some of his key messages, most importantly as he believed cleanliness as next to godliness. Here in our school, we had series of programs throughout the day organized by our social science teachers in co operation with others and marked the day not only by wishing but also took the chance of thanking India.We had our morning function at 8:45 a.m where the chairperson, English and social science committee Mr. Choetop Tashi was the announcer and right after the national anthem of both the countries, he called upon the chief guest of the day,

Students performing indian patrotric song.

Mr. Kishorilal the pradan of Lower Chanuntra along with the school principal to light the butter lamp and honored the portrait of the MK Gandhi.
Later we had the introductory speech by Mrs. Karma Yangkey, social science teacher. She introduced the reason behind marking the day and shown a great effort in bringing back some of the memories of him along with his noble messages.Soon after that we had the privilege to move into a completely new milieu that is filled with appreciation, honor and loyalty as one after other we had poetry recitation and patriotic songs to tribute the man and the nation.
To conclude the morning function, lastly we had the speech by the chief guest.
One such program we had that day was cleaning the school campus as an act of making India clean and most importantly the act of gesture to thank our Indian brothers for their genuine support and sincere hospitality. Many of our senior students along with their subject teachers under the direction of the school management went up to clean the market areas and made a little difference in keeping India clean and to pay hearty thanks to the local for their continuous support.

Class 10 students along with school principal and headmaster to clean the chauntra market.

Students and staff cleaning the chauntra market area.

Every single thing that we did had brought at least joy and pleasure in the hearts of every single student and staff that were part of the program and had sawn some seeds that bore promises, and they surely will blossom in the years to come.

Inter House Marathon Race
Once again on 28th and 29th September, the honorable school principal raised the flag to begin the Inter House Marathon Race. On the first day we had Open girls and Inter boys division followed by and senior boys and junior boys division the next day.

School principal opening the marathon race.

Girls open winner Sonam Tsomo of trison house

Junior boys winner Tsering of triral house

There is always an exceptional charm in this race and almost everyone in the school gets involved in the mood, and is gradually found at every possible corner to witness this grand race. During the race under the guidelines of the school games committee, staff members are assigned with different roles to play and most significantly one would find teachers at every turns and some key areas mainly to safety and to avoid any misconduct during the race.

Senior boys winner Rinzin Tsering of Songtsen house

Inter boys winner Sonam Dorje of Songtsen house

On the second day, right after the completion of the race, the school headmaster taking the responsibility of the chairperson, games committee, declared the results and the school principal honored the winners.

Overall first position goes to Songtsen house

English Literary Week Celebration
Language learning is usually slow, gradual and a continuous process and external forces like school programs and classroom activities facilitate appropriate learning atmosphere and speedy language learning. 
Recently in the month of September, The school English Committee observed a week long English Week. The committee organized series of literary activities at different level of students. The prime objectives of observing English Week are to create English learning atmosphere, to create platforms to hunt different linguistic skills and to bring English under the spotlight.

Picture from elocution competition

Junior sing a song competition

view of book fair in school auditorium

class X book fair in progress

Miss Dechen Winner of spelling bee champion 2015

Various Contests organized during the week and the winners:

Programs When? Winners
English creative writing contest Monday One from each class I-X
Open English Elocution Wednesday Ashu Thapa Class VIII D
Junior English sing a song contest Thursday Class III B & II D
Class X Book Fair Friday (During the class hours)  
Spelling Bee contest Class IX-X

Friday (After the class hours)

Tenzin Dechen X D

Lastly on Friday right after the Spelling Bee, to give the week long program a perfect conclusion, the honorable school principal was call upon and gave feedback and honored the winners of the various contest held during the week.



Inter Club Soccer Tournament
Schools are one of the most significant artificial human environments. The success of any individual, family, nation and the entire human race lies directly or indirectly on school system, as the future of almost every individual, society and the whole human race is being shaped in this very institution. It also serves as a second home for many; hence every school must serve its best in making students’ life in school happening and memorable. Organization of various games and sports activities, add a lot in turning schools into a suitable and blissful place for children to live.

Since past few years, TCV Chauntra has moved ahead in organizing games and sports especially football. We have interred club football tournament, exclusively organized by students’ council under the guidance of the school games committee.  Sports and games have always been enjoyed by everyone whether young, old, adult or anybody. In our school also, children of all age group have shown a great interest in sports and especially soccer. The number of clubs itself reveals how effectively the tournaments are being organized and how big fan our children are of the football.

The tournament actually began on 18th August after class with a formal march pass of all the participating teams along with school band and with an opening speech by our honorable school principal. It took almost a month to play the final match between Potala FC v/s Samsung United on 9th September, and finally Potala FC won the match with three goals.

The tournament was concluded with the prize distribution to the winning teams of the season by the chief guest, Mrs. Babara one of the most generous sponsors of our school.

Staff Day Celebration
Our school is no different than any other schools in India and around the world.Students here in our school are even as creative and dedicated to understand and feel the significance of their teachers as well as other staff members in shaping their life; hence on 5th September, the whole school celebrated Staff Day.

Once again all the staff members were made proud and honored and found a special place in every student’s heart. The staff members were blessed, delighted and thrilled to see the effort made by them, they were so perfect in almost everything that they tried; let it be the preparation of the program sheet, reception of the staff members, decoration of every venues,organization of various games, arrangement of lunch and dinner and the evening cultural show.

Many of our staff members were amazed and pleased to witness the hard work and dedication shown by our students under the course of action merely of the school captains and prefects and some senior students.The day was filled with fun and excitement. Both staff members and students had a great day!

Inter House Cultural Song and Dance competition

2015 Inter House Cultural Song and Dance competition was held on 14th August, with much appreciation and triumph. The program added a lot to the glory and pomp to the school, as we welcomed Mrs. Juchen Kunchok, Dotoe MP as chief guest and many other dignitaries from various fields.

Students performing cultural dance.

This year, Songtsen House stood out and held the winning trophy in front of many and earned lot of respect and dignity winning the competition.
Right after the competition, a public show was staged on 15th August and we are very lucky to experience a great support, especially from the parents of our students for being there for the most wonderful audience.

Chief guest Mrs. Juchen Kunchok, Dotoe MP Presenting award to the winner

Class VIII English Book fair
Class VIII English book Fair was conducted on 24thAugust. The primarily objective behind it was to install them the reading habit. With this students were made to make one project on the book that they had read and let them share it with others students from class V till X.

Overall the program was creative, interesting and everyone not only enjoyed the day but also gained lot of information.

Parent Teachers Meeting

Parents and teaches play the most important role in the life of a child whether to guide, give advice, moral support or understand them. Therefore, it is essential for these two personalities to meet and discuss on the pros and cons of the child.

Our school is no different from other schools regarding this case. Thus, on 7th August, 2015, we had conducted PTA meeting under the supervision of our school principal. During this, the parents were made to know the passing and promotion system of TCV, what rules to be followed by the students and parents and so on. Teachers got the opportunity to discuss their students with their parents and also had the chance to understand students better through their parents. The meeting was grand, meaningful, useful and effective for both the parents and teachers in guiding the students for better and further.

Short Visit by Education Director

Honorable Mr. Sonam Sichoe, Education Director, T.C.V. paid a short visit to our school and spent two days out of his hectic schedule. During his stay, he visited various fields of education, care centers, school infrastructures and other facilities that are primarily meant to facilitate the upbringing of our children and the provision of both traditional and modern education.

Later in the second day of his stay, a formal talk has been arranged. In this he touched on very trivial but important topics like the characteristic of a teacher, what we are building the students for, school as important source of education, political importance of TCV schools, and teachers as professional and so on. He further explained some of the key reasons he hold for making this short visit.
We all know that our schools are so rich in both co-curricular and curricular activities but we often carry a doubt whether having rich activities really help us to educate our children the way we as educators, parents and society wanted. We are able to achieve our goals to some extend as for the past few years we have been stressing on all round development of a child and adopted holistic approaches by developing varied curriculum that offers wide scope for our learners, but still we are not able to fulfill the desire of our community and immediately of the parents.

Taking into consideration on the immediate need of the society and most importantly parents, he clearly mentioned that now it’s the time for us to focus more on academic results. Ultimately both society and parents will acknowledge our work only on the bases of our students’ academic result’ hence it becomes a challenge for all of us to produce hundred percent result in the coming years.   
Within the short period of his visit, he aggravated the people responsible to carry out the goals and missions set by the school and further enlightened in many other education fields. We the staffs and students of T.C.V. Chauntra are glad to have him around in our School and thank you.

Trek to Billing Top
Trekking can be viewed from two different stand-points; as an intense physical exercise, or an amazing and unique learning experience.
This year once again the teachers and the students of class X chose Billing Top as their camping spot and spent an overnight. It was an adventurous and a memorable trip filled with fun and laughter mixed with hard work and challenges. Students were able to seek first hand experiences with joy and had great time exploring various untouched environments there.Bir is a small village

surrounded by big mountains famous for paragliding in himachal Pradesh. It is known for Hang gliding and paragliding both, which serves as a landing ground for paraglide. Bir-Billing in the Dauladhar mountain range is known as one of the finest aero sports sites in the world.
Their launching destination ‘Billing’ is at (8500 ft) on the Dhauladhar ranges and highest aero sport site, 14-km distance from Bir. Bir billing is one of the nature wonders. This is perfectly designed as a launch pad, has become a legend on the international paragliding circuits and a destination for world champion paragliding pilots. The green meadow directly above the villages of Bir and Chauntra is one of the best gliding sites in the world. The massive Dhauladhar mountain range and the kangra valley below with its panoramic views offer opportunities for high altitude up and down and all over the world flying for more than 200-km. ( The Bir Billing has been a favourite trekking spot for our school children for the past 6 years).
We are glad and proud that they all had an experiential moment packed with wide scope of learning and for their safe return back to school with sound health.

Class VII English Book Fair
Book Fair normally serves as a holistic linguistic development and most significantly communicative skills leading to personal development. As per the school diary on 18th May class VII English Book Fair was held in the school Loter hall with pomp and much appreciation from the students and the staffs.
Every corner of the hall was packed with enthusiastic and welcoming students of class VII eagerly waiting to share their story with a story book in their hand. Throughout the program students were busy telling stories, hence to give them short breaks in between songs and video clipping on importance of reading were played.

Unlike last year this time we tried to put some innovations by organizing group story telling on volunteer bases and we had few effective story tellers from class VII. Feedback by one of the guest students from class IX and X during their round proved effective as it was completely a new experience to them and students are basically more connected to their age group and has higher level of acceptance.
The hard work and the sincerity of the respected students and teachers of class VII made it a successful program.

Ka-Gyur Reading

Forth Month of the Tibetan Calendar is religiously believed to be significant and auspicious month in a year. There in this month four among the twelve auspicious and significant days coincide such as the birth anniversary, the day of enlightenment and the death anniversary of the Lord Buddha. The month particularly by Buddhists all over the globe believes sacred and popularly celebrates the month as Saka Dawa. Performance of religious rituals such as reciting mantras, circumambulating monasteries, going vegetarian and being more compassionate and many more are practiced throughout the month.

Here in our school the religious and cultural committee organizes two days Ka-gyur reading once in a year during Saka Dawa and this year they organized the program on 21st and 22nd May respectively. Both students and teachers had a meaningful time reading Ka-gyur for world peace and long life of His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama and immediately for the people of Nepal for their quick recovery from both mental and physical traumas after the recent Earthquake.

Inter House Basketball Tournament

On 23rd May the school basket court was packed with spectators mostly students cheering up their houses. The colorful banners were hung up on the walls and a perfect scene was set up for the perfect match between two of the best teams; final match between senior boys Songtsen House verses Ngyatri House.

That was a tough match and the whole atmosphere was filled with roaring noises from every corner of the ground. The Spectators gathered to witness that match had great fun and excitement and the match was worth watching.
The time went swiftly and the finale whistle was blown making the team yellow the real heroes by winning the finale match leaving their opponent at far behind. But the over house result of this year’s Inter House Basket Tournament is as follow:
Ist Position    Nyatri House
IInd Position  Trirel House
IIIrd Postion   Songtsen and Trisong House
The tournament was concluded with dignity and applauses with the distribution of trophies to the winning sides by the school principal.


Class VIII English Declamation Contest
After a thorough discussion during one of the English committee meetings the members decided to organize declamation contest for class VIII students and Debate for the students of class IX.  The members felt that debating is little tough for them and declamation contest would be more suitable, hence this year Inter Class VIII English Declamation Contest was staged on 15th May at 7 a.m. in the school Loter hall.

Students of class VII and above and the teachers observed the program glistened with colorful stage setting and got to listen to various speeches given by renowned and popular personalities on wide and significant topics.
Master Tenzin Rangdol of class VIII D undoubtedly raised the trophy in front of everyone setting a role model for the students on the floor in the near future.

Thoughtful arrangement and well executed program never goes unsuccessful and the overall program went well with fun and excitement and was a successful one. We congratulate those who were part of the program and worked behind the scene making a successful program.

Introductory session of the new and former Principal at TCV School, Chauntra
This year our school experienced a great change in the school administration as recently our school principal Mr Choeney Dhondup after serving this school for three years was promoted to the post of Director at our neighboring TCV School, Suja.During his stay in the school, he has given his full dedication whether in the academic field, heath and sanitation or in the co curricular activities like opera, dialectics etc. In his place we have the honor of welcoming our new principal Mr. Passang Tsering. He has served in TCV School, lower Dharamsala for almost 25 years as social science teacher and as a headmaster.
On 1st may we have the honor of getting a chance to observe the principal introductory program formally initiated by the head office TCV School, Dharamsala. On that day we had the privilege of welcoming General Secretary, Education director, TCV Suja principal, and the local official.

Gen.Thupten Dorjee la, the General secretary of TCV offering farewell scarf to Gen Choeying Dhondup la Former Principal of TCV Chauntra.

Gen.Thupten Dorjee la, the General secretary of TCV offering Best wishes scarf to Gen Passang Tsering la New Principal of TCV Chauntra.

Gen Passang tsering la giving speech.

Guest of Honour during the function.

Parent’s day celebration

Parent’s day was celebrated grandly in our school. We were honored with the presence of generous and affectionate sponsors from Austria and caring parents of the students. Mrs Passang Tsamcho La gave a wonderful speech on how to care for the children and how the children should feel the gratefulness of their parents love and sacrifice.  It was followed by a prize distribution to the deserving students be it in their academic or in co-scholastic.

parents day








Tibetan uprising day

The 56th Tibetan uprising day was comemorated in our school with function followed by reading of Kashag’s statement in English by Mrs Dawa Choedon and Chitu’s statement in Tibetan by our school assistant headmaster Mr. Karma Tashi La.At the same time our class X students participated in peace march along with students from Suja, and Sambhota at Palampur with other Tibetan from the nearing settlement.

Spring Fete
The time for joy and merriment is what the spring fete in known for. Our school spring fete was held on 14th March with much excitement and hard work by the students as well as staff members.

Englsih spelling Bee Contest
Inter class VII and VIII English Spelling Bee contest was conducted on 20th march. Master Tenzin Rangdol of class VIII D was  the spelling champion for the year 2015.

Gandhi Jyanti is observed on 2nd October every year as the ‘Non Violence Day’ throughout the world to commemorate the birth anniversary and acknowledge the achievements of one of the greatest persons ever known on this earth, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi popularly known as Babu the father of the nation.

Poetry recitation by class ix students

In our school students and staff gathered in the school hall and had a short morning function and it started with the Tibetan and Indian National Anthem. Mr.Tenzin Dhondup was called upon and read the speech given by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi with the message of importance of clean India as cleanliness is very close to Gandhi’s heart.
Next, Mrs.karma Yangkey, Our social science teacher dug deeper into the theme of this year’s

fullfilling the pledge of swachh bharat abhiyan
(think globally act locally)

Gandhi Jyanti, ‘SWACHH BHARAT SWACHH VIDHALAYA CAMPAIGN’ and later announced the work distribution of the day. Followed by, we had Hindi patriotic song by class-IX students and poetry recitation by class VI-VIII and first position was bagged by class VI B and right after that students and staff members engaged themselves cleaning the school campus as well as some targeted areas.
The day was completely dedicated and celebrated sincerely as what was expected in the message endorsed by the prime minister of India that is ‘Swachh Bharat’.

Report on Inter house Marathon Race
One of the most exciting sports events that we have in our school is Inter House Marathon. Every year many students get a chance to race and show their skill in running long distance. This year its practice session started on 9th September and the actual competition was held on two consecutive days on 19th and 20th September.

One first day junior boys and inter boys race was done where Master Tashi Phurbu of Nyatri house was the winner from junior boys division and Master Sonam Dorje of Songtsen House was the winner from inter boys division.
On the second day girls’ open and senior boy’s race was done where Miss Monika of Nyatri House was the winner from girls open and Master Rinchen Tsering Songtsen House was the winner of senior boys division.
The overall winner of the Inter House Marathon Race was bagged by Songtsen House.


Report on Class VII English Book Fair, TCV School, Chauntra Year-2014
                  “Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leader”

Students are displaying there books

As per EDC meeting guidelines, on 29thAugust, 2014 TCV School, Chauntra class VII English book fair was organized in the school Loter hall from morning 9:00 a.m. till 4:00 p.m. in the evening.  Subject teachers have motivated the students to read books from the very beginning of the session and also worked hard to explain the insight and various approaches of competent reading. Teachers have given enough practice on both oral and writing book review.
The program not only endows our students to expand reading habit but it also lays an open platform for developing various significant linguistic skills; such as thinking skill, comprehension skill, communication skill and listening skill etc.
Every class VII student have read a story book of their choice within the month and with  a predefined format they prepared a well defined book review and they stuck it behind their chair on that day. Subject teachers along with some students of class VII had shaped a suitable atmosphere with well planned

decoration and seating arrangement so to motivate as well as to make them feel the significance of the program. Some video songs with the theme and message of importance of reading in one’s life have been arranged and shown at the last ten minutes of each period for every class and they loved it.
Students of class V to X were given opportunity to listen to and interact with the students of class VII. The interaction includes:

  • Introduction of the student (Name, Class and hobbies)
  • Title of the story that they have read
  • Name of the author and illustrator
  • Genre: Fiction- Fairy tale/Fables

:Nonfiction- Biography
: Myth- Geek/Christain/Hindu

  • Characters in the story
  • Favorite character and Why?
  • Theme and plot
  • Summary of the story
  • Lesson/Moral of the story
  • Question answer (Do you have any questions?)
  • Why He/she recommend this story to others

Overall this year’s class VII English Book Fair established to be one of the most flourishing programs we had initiated. Students appreciated it and took this sophisticated strategy very serious; hence, we must definitely go on with it in the days to come and try to give it a new shape and color so to keep their anticipation at the same level.

Tibet our country project report Year-2014(24th March to 23rd April 2014)

Tibet our country project is one of the key activities being initiated within almost every exile Tibetan schools. So in our school, it is considered as one of the most important programs not only to preserve and promote Tibetan heritage and culture but to develop the sense of allegiance, brotherhood and humanity that future generation will be able to hold on with and be proud of.

Chief guest Mr NgodupTsering la( The education secretary) giving speech.

As per the guidelines from the CTA, Kashag; TCV School Chauntra is celebrating year 2014 as the year of commemoration and the gratitude of H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama; hence ‘The life long struggle and triumph of His Holiness for Tibet and its people’ had been chosen the topic for this year’s Tibet Our Country Project.
School management and Tibetan committee members had a short meeting, furthermore discussed the topic in detail and sub-topics were distributed among the classes starting from his birth till date to each class.( III and above)

Inaugrating the exhibition

The project went for almost a month, starting from 24th March till 23rd April. Students and teachers gathered in their classes every day after the normal class hours at 4:15 p.m. and studied their topics thoroughly as well as prepared a model related to their topic.
Later instead of the customary assembly activities, throughout the month each class had given a short morning assembly presentation on their topic.

Inspecting the exhibition

On 23rd April, Tibet our country project concluding day was celebrated grandly. The chief guess for the day, we had Mr. NgodupTsering la, the education secretary from Dharamsala. The day started with a sangsol description by class III students followed by an open inter class quiz and an Exhibition of the model on the school Basket ground. Then we had traditional lunch to have the feel of Tibet.
Overall the school management brought the whole new idea and hard work of Tibetan committee with the shared work of students and teachers, this year’s Tibet our Country Project was completed successfully.



Report on Inter House Basketball Tournament

The practice sessions for the inter house basket tournament was started on 1st March and continued till 14th April. The whole TCV School Chauntra staff and students witnessed the Inter House Basketball tournament final match on 14th April, 2014. The senior boy’s division final match was played between Nyatri House and Songtsen House and Songtsen house won the match by one point at the last few seconds. Where as senior girl’s division final match was played Triral verses Trisong House and Triral House won the match by two baskets.
This year’s overall winner of the Inter House Basketball tournament was backed unanimously by Nyatri House winning first position in the following divisions: Junior boys, Inter girls and Inter boys.

Earthquake Drill (4th April, 2014)
Our school observed the earthquake drill on this day to mark the anniversary of the overwhelming Kangra earthquake in 1905 and preparing ourselves from the

Students are demonstating on Earthquake

disaster. The member of the disaster management awareness team of our school broadened our minds by sharing some facts and figures on earthquake and stressed on the importance of following the three steps Drop, Cover & hold. There was short skit on what to do and what not to do during the earthquake by the class IX ‘S’ under the supervision of Mrs. Karma Yangkyi.
The mock drill was carried at 11:00 am in the morning with the sound of drum at the academic block. After one minute every one evacuated the building to the safety. The football ground was

the place where the head counting was done. As instructed, everyone followed the drill sincerely. This mock drill was carried to warn the uncertainty of the natural disaster and to be prepared by acquiring some basic safety ideas/ measures.



Inter class VII elocution

Inter class VII Elocution was held on 4th April, 2014 at 7:00pm in the hall. Audience was welcomed with creatively and well decorated stage. We had poetry recitation, speech and drama. Poetry recitation was done differently this year. Instead of one student reciting, entire class was given this golden opportunity. Every student did their best.
As for the prizes, poetry recitation was won by class VI D, speech was won by Master Kelsang Jordan of class VII B and finally from the dramatization, Tenzin Kunsel of VII B begged the prize. On the whole, the performance was wonderful. All the students and staff enjoyed the performances thoroughly. Last but the not the least this event was dedicated to our spiritual leader His Holiness the XIVth Dalai Lama for his endless endeavors.

WORLD HEALTH DAY(7th April, 2014)

World health day is celebrated worldwide on 7th April every year. The objective of the celebration is to elevate people awareness towards the importance of health. Under the direction of WHO each year a them is chosen according to the priority of people health issues. This year the theme for the world health day is “Vector borne disease.”
We celebrated this day with formal morning function at the hall. Head nurse Tsering Sangmo la, gave a brief history of vector borne disease; its causes, preventions and so on. At the end she showed a beautiful clipping related to vector borne disease. Everyone has surely gained a lot of knowledge from this short and effective clip.

STAFF DAY CELEBRATED (5 September 2013):
All across India, 5 September is celebrated as ‘Teacher’s Day’ but in our TCV schools, we celebrate it as ‘Staff Day’ because we believe that each and every staff member puts equal hard work and effort for the welfare of the children. The day is specially commemorated to honor the staff members for their sincerity and dedication in the upbringing of the children.

Chief guest Mr. Mingchung la is giving speech to to audience

The day began withvarious programs beginning with the opening function, followed by games, delicious dishes and the evening song and dance performances for the entertainment. Everything was superbly and systematically done. The main responsibility was taken by the Student Council along with the support from class 9 and 10 students. The students worked really hard to make this day special and memorable for all the staff members. The ex-Chauntrains from TCV Upper, TCV Gopalpur, TCV Selakui and TCV Bylakuppe as usual sent their greetings to the staff.
The highlight of today’s program was for the Chief Guest, we had the TCV Tibetan Resource Teacher, Mr. Mingchung la and the Tibetan teachers from all the TCV schools. We are very much honored to have them with us on this very special occasion.

As saying goes ‘A good beginning always has good ending’. The day turned out to be a great success with full of enjoyment and entertainment. Thanks to the School Captains and the Prefects and to all the supporters. You made the day really special for every staff.

Staff vollyball team


school principal is addressing during function

TCV School Chauntra, as other Tibetan community also marked and celebrated the 53rd Tibetan Democracy Day on 2 September 2013 with a formal function in the school Lotyer Hall. For the past 53 years, the Tibetan communities have been celebrating this Democracy Day. People all over the world have struggled for democracy, but we have been blessed with this gift of democracy by our great leader, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The celebration also makes our children learn about the uniqueness of this day.
The function extended till about 12 in the noon with the day’s introduction by our Social Teacher Mr. Choetop Tashi la, followed by the reading of the statements issued by the Kashag and the Tibetan Parliament by the school Principal, Mr. Choeying Dhondup la and Mr. Dawa Gyatso la in Tibetan and English respectively. The conclusion ‘Thank You’ speech was given by the Assistant Headmaster, Mr. Karma Tashi la.
To mark this occasion and to make it memorable, we had a special program of Tibetan Group Song Competition by classes 4 to 6 students. Every class came up with beautiful Tibetan songs and gave their best presentation. Each and every one of them was a winner on their own.
Congratulations to all !!!

NCERT Workshop Sharing by Mrs. Tenzin Dolma (30 August 2013):
The Department of Education, CTA organized 21 Days Tibetan TGT English

sharing by madam Tenzin Dolma la

teachers’ workshop at NCERT, New Delhi from 5 to 25 June 2013. Therefore the actual workshop sharing for the TGT English teachers was done on 15 July 2013 but the sharing for all the co-workers, the teaching staff was done on 30 August 2013 during the monthly teacher’s meeting in the presence of the Headmaster and the Assistant Headmaster. Although there were so many things to share but due to the very limited time, the whole sharing was completed within 30 minutes.


The following important topics were highlighted.

  1. The responsibilities of a real teacher.
  2. Teaching Across Curriculum
  3. Understanding Literature
  4. Different Genres of Writing and creating authentic tasks out of them
  5. Gender Sensitivity
  6. Multilingualism
  7. CCE-An Overview
  8. Professional Development etc.

CAREER FAIR (26 August 2013):
The 3rd Career Fair was organized in the school with the sheer initiative by our school’s career counselor, Ms. Namshey la with the support from the school administration. The career awareness program becomes critical for the students

who are in class 9 and 10 in their life long process of establishing one’s own identity. This module helps our students to develop greater awareness and appreciation of themselves in relationship to others, school, and the world of work. Through such program students are able to get an opportunity to become aware of, explore, and develop personal interests, attitudes, and aptitudes and to understand the life career concept. Students are able to understand the importance of matching career options to their personal preferences and how those preferences may change over time due to maturity and experiences.
Unlike previous years, this year the school and the Counselor had invited many successful professionals from our own Tibetan society to boost students’ interest and simultaneously to educate themselve to make the right decision. The day remained full with varieties of activities such as

The morning session   a)  The panel discussion with the professionals
                                          b)  The exhibition in the hall

The afternoon session  a) the Quiz Contest on different professions

The event turned out into a grand success because of the collaboration effort from the school’s administration, Career Counselor and the volunteer students who backed and supported to make this event informative and educative.

A special programme by the math committee (22nd June 2013)

It was on 22nd of june 2013 Saturday, The math committee member bought about a new programme under the guidance of the Chairperson Mr. Lobsang Yeshi la. The curtain raised with the dialect practice by the students on the different mathematics and science topics like Area etc. student enjoy the dialect with a light and a soothing music for a                     

School principal with hon.chief guest inspecting maths projects

has shown a documentary film named ‘Story of Math’ which lasted for around 45 minutes.
The most special and unique thing done in this programme is the first everMathematic spelling bee. Teachers have selected four students from each class and in total there was 50 contestant. Teachers have collected more than 200c mathematic terms and classified the words into easy, average and difficult round. The 1st easy rounds were successfully answered by most of the students and were qualified for the next round. Followed by the average round where many students fail to spell the correct spelling. Only few students were through the round. Difficult round was really a challenge for the qualifiers as the words were hard and only 4 students were qualified for the championship round.

Maths and science committe chairperson  preside over the function
And finally the winner was non-other than Master Tenzin Tsega la of class 8 S. over all the whole programme was a huge success.



Special programme initiated by the school principal on the Tibetan Honorific words (29th June 2013)

This year is solely meant to inculcate the moral values in all the TCV School, as it is the focus point of this year. Keeping this in mind our school principal has initiated a programme to extent our first step to moral values through honorific words.

            Partispants trying to answer the question

As well know Tibetan is a rich language. One of the unique features of which are honorific words that are commonly used during conversation.
In this 21st century, children are getting more and more exposed to other language while they are becoming less and less familiar with their own mother tongue. As a result of which they may forget everything. Thinking from this point working and learning honorific words is more urgently felt. The whole programme is shouldered by the two Tibetan teacher Miss. Dawa Tsamchoe la and Miss. Yangzom la. The unique thing about this programme is that, all the respective homes from 1 to 16 inclulding girls and boy’s hostel, all are participating in this programme. No one knows who will be call upon as a participant as an actual contestant. All the students were informing in advance to learn and give importance to the Tibetan honorific words.
This kind of programme will definitely be an eye opener for the budding brains of our children who are wisely termed as the ‘Future seeds of Tibet’ by his holiness. This particular programme had really squeezed a lot of time and sweat of the two concern teachers. By the end of the programme the winner was Home no 6 . When the programme got over we have the confidence to feel that whatever time and labor that the teacher had spent on this contest have not gone waste. I want to congratulate the principal and the two concern teacher for their sheer hard work.