Tibet our country project report Year-2014(24th March to 23rd April 2014)

Tibet our country project is one of the key activities being initiated within almost every exile Tibetan schools. So in our school, it is considered as one of the most important programs not only to preserve and promote Tibetan heritage and culture but to develop the sense of allegiance, brotherhood and humanity that future generation will be able to hold on with and be proud of.

Chief guest Mr NgodupTsering la( The education secretary) giving speech.

As per the guidelines from the CTA, Kashag; TCV School Chauntra is celebrating year 2014 as the year of commemoration and the gratitude of H.H. the XIVth Dalai Lama; hence ‘The life long struggle and triumph of His Holiness for Tibet and its people’ had been chosen the topic for this year’s Tibet Our Country Project.
School management and Tibetan committee members had a short meeting, furthermore discussed the topic in detail and sub-topics were distributed among the classes starting from his birth till date to each class.( III and above)

Inaugrating the exhibition

The project went for almost a month, starting from 24th March till 23rd April. Students and teachers gathered in their classes every day after the normal class hours at 4:15 p.m. and studied their topics thoroughly as well as prepared a model related to their topic.
Later instead of the customary assembly activities, throughout the month each class had given a short morning assembly presentation on their topic.

Inspecting the exhibition

On 23rd April, Tibet our country project concluding day was celebrated grandly. The chief guess for the day, we had Mr. NgodupTsering la, the education secretary from Dharamsala. The day started with a sangsol description by class III students followed by an open inter class quiz and an Exhibition of the model on the school Basket ground. Then we had traditional lunch to have the feel of Tibet.
Overall the school management brought the whole new idea and hard work of Tibetan committee with the shared work of students and teachers, this year’s Tibet our Country Project was completed successfully.
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Report on Inter House Basketball Tournament

The practice sessions for the inter house basket tournament was started on 1st March and continued till 14th April. The whole TCV School Chauntra staff and students witnessed the Inter House Basketball tournament final match on 14th April, 2014. The senior boy’s division final match was played between Nyatri House and Songtsen House and Songtsen house won the match by one point at the last few seconds. Where as senior girl’s division final match was played Triral verses Trisong House and Triral House won the match by two baskets.
This year’s overall winner of the Inter House Basketball tournament was backed unanimously by Nyatri House winning first position in the following divisions: Junior boys, Inter girls and Inter boys.

Earthquake Drill (4th April, 2014)
Our school observed the earthquake drill on this day to mark the anniversary of the overwhelming Kangra earthquake in 1905 and preparing ourselves from the

Students are demonstating on Earthquake

disaster. The member of the disaster management awareness team of our school broadened our minds by sharing some facts and figures on earthquake and stressed on the importance of following the three steps Drop, Cover & hold. There was short skit on what to do and what not to do during the earthquake by the class IX ‘S’ under the supervision of Mrs. Karma Yangkyi.
The mock drill was carried at 11:00 am in the morning with the sound of drum at the academic block. After one minute every one evacuated the building to the safety. The football ground was

the place where the head counting was done. As instructed, everyone followed the drill sincerely. This mock drill was carried to warn the uncertainty of the natural disaster and to be prepared by acquiring some basic safety ideas/ measures.


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Words of gratitude

Tenzin Olden Class X

Once or twice near one meets
The word depart naturally blooms
But it is difficult to lose soul
So mu soul will remain here in this school
Even though, my body is somewhere else.

When I turn back the pages of my life in TCV Chauntra , I cannot believe myself how these 10 years have gone so fast and swiftly. In this society, I have gained millions of knowledge and grew much. When I first joined this school, I was so naughty and bad but now I have changed. I can understand the value of school property. I can control myself regarding anything and think of every situation too. I can keep my dignity. I am also sometime reminding my friends, who have forgotten their first priority of going to school.
This school has provided me with education and made me become a better human being. Now I think my time in this wonderful school will be up soon. So I don’t want to leave this school without thank you words to my school, teachers, staff and fellow students. I am writing this not just to praise but it is what I feel as a student of this school for a decade.


I came in this school as a early morning’s sun whose mind is yet to shine and knowledge is still to gain, but under the care and love of my home mother. (Ama Dolma la)I have grown up as a plant which is sown by the gardener. I have joined hostel last year and met paa Yeshi Tsring la. He is so hardworking, sincere, skillful and splendid. We could find people like him once out of 1000. Here in academic section, beneath the guide of my beloved teachers, I have learnt everything stating from a alphabet to what I am learning right now. Of course, school’s heads for all your support and welfare and leading a society owned by His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. It is impossible to learn and play with ill body but our school dispensary is there to cure our illness and hurts. At last I want to say, your sincerity and caring nature shall always be cherished and remembered the most.


Within the days of my arrival in this school I have got so many friends, most of them were my roommates and classmates.  My childhood life was spent with them playing indoor games, eating and bathing together, going to same school and working together. I am really missing my childhood friends who have been to abroad and other school, because we have richer memories. I got lots of brother s and sisters to look after me. Now they are all standing on their own feet. I have got new friends in hostel last year and this year. They are all different from each other. After all they are good and understanding. I love small kids. Whenever I meet children I try to smile at them. They are all part of my school life. I want to beg you students to study hard and make no trouble to school, teachers and home mother.


My second home, you are the factory where students like me are produces annually in great number. You simply identified who really I am and taught me what responsibility I have on my shoulder. Of course, my brain and mind matured under your great hospitality and staff. I am indebted a lot to you and I really want to repay your kindness when the day comes, where I will be standing on my own feet. There is no word that can represent my true feeling of thanks and expression of gratitude to you.

Once gain I want to say millions of THANK YOU to my teachers, home mothers other non-teaching staff and school mates for being a part of my wonderful and adventurous school life.




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