Introductory session of the new and former Principal at TCV School, Chauntra

This year our school experienced a great change in the school administration as recently our school principal Mr Choeney Dhondup after serving this school for three years was promoted to the post of Director at our neighboring TCV School, Suja.During his stay in the school, he has given his full dedication whether in the academic field, heath and sanitation or in the co curricular activities like opera, dialectics etc. In his place we have the honor of welcoming our new principal Mr. Passang Tsering. He has served in TCV School, lower Dharamsala for almost 25 years as social science teacher and as a headmaster.
On 1st may we have the honor of getting a chance to observe the principal introductory program formally initiated by the head office TCV School, Dharamsala. On that day we had the privilege of welcoming General Secretary, Education director, TCV Suja principal, and the local official.
Gen.Thupten Dorjee la, the General secretary of TCV offering farewell scarf to Gen Choeying Dhondup la Former Principal of TCV Chauntra.
Gen.Thupten Dorjee la, the General secretary of TCV offering Best wishes scarf to Gen Passang Tsering la New Principal of TCV Chauntra.
Gen Passang tsering la giving speech.

Guest of Honour during the function.

Visit of Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangey
We had the privilege of welcoming our honorable Sikyong Dr. Lobsang Sangey la on 10th April, 2015 in our school. Though he was there at T.C.V. School Suja to attend class XII graduation function but he is kind enough to pay short visit at our school and also give away a valuable speech for our students and staff.
Later on few students had the privilege to put forth their inquisitive questions to the Sikyong and he smartly answered all the questions graciously.

English Elocution 2015
Inter class VII English elocution was conducted on 3rd April. There was poetry recitation, compulsory speech and dramatization. Overall prize was taken by class VII S. In case of individual, Miss Lhakpa Dolma of Class VII S begged the first position in speech, Miss Thinly Wangmo of class VII B got first prize in poetry recitation and Master Nyima Dorjee of class VII D was the winner in monologue.

Earthquake Drill
Our school social science teachers, Earth quake awareness team along with class VIII S students’ organized Earth quake awareness morning assembly program. English and social science committee chairperson Mr. Choetop Tashi gave an effective and motivating opening speech introducing the program.
After that our social science teacher Mrs. Tsering Sangmo gave a presentation on the topic earth quake and there she dig deeper into the meaning, causes and safety measures to be taken during the earth quake.
Then Mrs. Karma Yangkyi and her students’ demonstrated safety preparedness drill- drop cover and hold.
School wide earth quake mock drill was conducted to commemorate 1905 Kangra Earth quake and to educate our students and staffs about the safety measures to be taken during the earth quake. Alongside to that each team was trained to follow important steps; counting heads, informing the head, rescue and first aid etc.
The actual drum was beat at 10:45 a.m. and the whole school experienced the shake.

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Dearest TCV School Chauntra,
From the deepest point of my heart I would like to say Tashi delek to everyone of TCV School Chauntra. It was my pleasure to be a part of your family. Every moment we spent together was nostalgic. Now, the time to say good bye has finally arrived. As I’m very old now, my death will come any moment now. So I felt to write you before leaving you alone.
Oh!!! Some of you, new in this school might be wondering who I am. I’m the poor aged dog with three and half legs to whom you guys nick named three point five. I remember that I was also starred in a video clip by staffs for children’s day. Remember me? When I first joint this school, ten years back I was not like the way I’m right now. I used to be very tough and brave, which help me to earn love and fame from you people. And that day I promised myself, I would stay with you and protect you till my last breathe. We started our day together when you were busy on your own, I patrolled our school and I often helped Mr. Passang (The former gate keeper) to halt unknown people and dogs to enter our school. He was very fond of me. But at night, when you all were sleeping cozily I watched around our school campus frequently. I barked and howled to make you alert when I sensed danger. Everything was in order. Days zoomed and so does the years. But one fine day when I was crossing the road, all of sudden I met with an accident. My leg was crushed by the truck. The sudden unbearable pain in my leg triggered me to faint but before, I saw Mrs Tenzin Dolker rushing toward me and then everything went blank. Later when I got my consciousness back I found myself in a comforted place with fresh food and a bowl full of milk placed near me. But to my surprise I saw my leg amputated. I know it was all done to save me from dying of hemorrhage. That’s how I got three point five. My leg was half amputated. Madam la with co workers, nurtured me till I was in my best of health.
To every staff, I’m very grateful. To you all and it can’t be paid back in my entire life. I have never seen so much will and determination in people rather than you in my life. You give your two hundred percent to the students even if they misbehave. You people are truly worth appreciating and there is no word created to describe your perfectness. They owe you so much. I wish you’ll do the same till the end.
Students of TCV Chauntra, you guys have so much talents and skills. It’s all god gifted! But what you lacked is that you never focus on it and never do what teachers have asked to you.  Remember the simple saying “if you rest, you’ll rust”. Do not let down the staff of our school or else you might regret it later. When I was a disable I thought you will stop loving me, but I was wrong you gave me love more than before. Thank you all for those things.
Before dotting the final full stop I would like to thanks all and especially Mrs Tenzin Dolkar la. God bless TCV Chauntra.
He passed away couple of days after writing this letter.

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