ON GOING PROGRAM : Athletic Practice

Messages for Ex:Students :


It was a two day tournament organized by our school but sponsored by Tibetan National Sports Association (TNSA). The participating teams were TCV Dharamsala (Upper), TCV Dharamsala (Lower), TCV Gopalpur, TCV Suja, TCV Chauntra and STS Chauntra.
Fixture of the matches were as follows :


Teams and their Opponents



TCV Lower | STS Sambhota

TCV Lower Dharamsala


TCV Chauntra | TCV Suja

TCV Suja


TCV Upper | STS Chauntra

TCV Upper Dharamsala


TCV Suja | TCV Gopalpur

TCV Suja


TCV Upper | TCV Lower

TCV Upper Dharamsala


TCV Gopalpur | TCV Chauntra

TCV Gopalpur

The final match was played between TCV Suja and TCV Upper. The first prize of the tournament was bagged by none other than TCV Suja. Overall it was a very dramatic and an enjoyable weekend for each and every one of us.
Heartiest congratulations to the winning team!



English language learning is essential and important for many reasons. It is the language which majority of the people use to communicate with one another. It is the language which is used in most of the resources from where we get lot of knowledge and information such as the book, internet etc.
Thus to make children learn the language easily the teachers do perform lot of activities in their respective classrooms but to bring more awareness among the children every year we observe this one day in a year as ‘English Day’.
This year it was observed on 18 September 2017 but the preparation for this day was started more than a month before under the guidance of the English and Social Committee Chairperson, Mr. Tenzin Dhondup la.
The day started with the singing assembly. Children from class 3 to 10 have participated in this program. The morning assembly was specially held on the football ground and the children along with the English teachers sang two songs namely, ‘Kindness’ and ‘Mr. Manners Matters’ with actions. Everybody loved this.
Then we had the Inter Class 9 and 10 English Extempore Contest, followed by the Inter Class 7 and 8 Spelling Bee Contest. In the afternoon we had the Favorite Character Ramp Walk and finally the Nursery Rhymes presentation by the class 6 and below.
The programs went very well and smoothly. More than 500 children participated in the activities. The power packed performances of the children made it even more enjoyable and memorable. Thanks to each and everyone who lent their helping hands in making this a great event.

english day

english day


The name ‘Marathon’ comes from the legend of Philippides or Pheidippides, the Greek messenger. The legend states that he was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been defeated in the Battle of Marathon which took place in August or September, 490 B.C. It is said that he ran the entire distance without stopping and burst into the assembly, exclaiming, “We have won!” before collapsing and dying.
So in our school also marathon race is yet again one of the most exciting events in the school and everyone enjoys watching the athletes run. So to participate in it, we have four main divisions and they are the Senior Boys, Inter Boys, Junior Boys and the Girls’ Open division. As many as 180 students both girls and boys have participated in it.
The winners in the final competition are as follows :

S. No.

Student’s Names




Sonam Dorjee

Songtsen House

Senior Boys


Tenzin Jamphel

Songtsen House

Inter Boys


Stanzin Tashi

Nyatri House

Junior Boys


Sonam Tsomo

Trisong House

Girls’ Open

Congratulations to the winners and the House!



Why do we need to learn Science as one of the subjects in schools? The question arises in everyone’s head and probably these are the few reasons why we need to.

1. Develops problem skills
2. Awareness about technology
3. How to consereve natural resources
4. Instills survival skills

Science, as a subject is universal and knows no boundaries. People at present live in the ‘Age of Science’. It is taught in the schools to turn our children into intelligent citizens who can appreciate and enjoy the beauty and wonder of nature. To make them efficient in all walks of life and should take delight in the wealth of culture of past generations and civilizations. It affords knowledge of certain facts and laws and helps in achieving the main object of education.

In our school, the ‘Science Day’ was observed on 11 September 2017. The day started with the morning function with awesome presentations from the teachers and the children. The primary classes came up with some beautiful songs related to Science.

Followed by children’s Science Project exhibition where there were lots of working models and children show cased their talents, skills and creativity. The award for best working model was bagged by Pema Wangdi and Tenzin Khedup of class 8D. They have prepared a ‘Hydraulic Bull dozer’.

The afternoon program was interesting and innovative. It was called ‘Marsh Mellow Challenge”. It was a competition of building the tallest tower out of spaghetti noodles and other stuff. The position was again bagged by class 8 students.

Overall it was a complete educative, informative and an entertaining program. Hats off to all the Science teachers! We applaud for their hard work and effort.

science day

science day

science day

The Parents and teachers’ meeting is also considered one of the pivotal programs of the school because our children they mostly spend their time here in the school away from their own home. The school takes the major responsibilities of educating and the development of the overall growth of the children. Yet the parents’ contribution is also significant. They also need to know and should involve in the children’s growth. They need to update where their children are in terms of mental, physical and academic status.
We hope to organize such meetings minimal of two times in a year in each term. So the meeting of the First term was held on 8 September 2017. We are happy to announce that this time there were quite a lot of parents who came to take part in it. As compared to last year the number was much increased. This shows that the parents nowadays are aware of their own responsibilities of the growth and the development of their children.
The meeting started with the speech by the school Principal, Mr. Passang Tsering la. He shared about the school facilities, activities, and mainly about the remodeled assessment scheme of Class 10, Board Examination 2017-18. The school Headmaster Mr. Karma Tashi la read out the SA-1 result.
After that the parents individually met with their children’s class and subject teachers and were able to enquire about their children everything in detail. The meeting went very well. 

Since 1962, 5th September all over India is celebrated as ‘Teacher’s Day’ in the loving memory of the former President of India Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was born on 5th September 1888. He was a famous teacher, academic philosopher and the second President of India. 
In TCV schools, we have a unique culture of celebrating it as ‘Staff Day’ because we believe that in the upbringing and overall growth of children it’s not only the teachers who work hard but the other staff members put equal effort and contribution in making our them better human beings and a self reliant people. On the reciprocal, it is the day where the students get the opportunities to showcase their feelings of gratitude towards their teachers and the staff members for their hard work.
The ‘Staff Day’ this year was as good as it used to be. The children lead by the school captains and the prefects made the day a memorable for all. The day started with the morning function, with a few song and dance items, followed by the delicious meals and football tournament between the staff member teams and the evening variety show.

stasff day

Overall it was a fun-filled and action pact day. We want to thank our ex-students for all their lovely messages and good wishes. All our children in and outside Chauntra made us feel so special. Thanks to each and every one of them.

staff day









Google Doodle Competetion



We celebrated 14 September 2016 as Science Day.Ours school science department host a logo competition among the students. Here is the top two winners.


                     By : Kelsang Jorden Cl: IX D


                      By : Dawa Sangpo CL: IX D




              Lobsang Rapgyal 10 ‘S’

My parents passed away,
They left me in this huge world,
Thought my relatives cares me
But failed to teach me the meaning of life.

You all have done very great things,
For me and students like me,
This I’ll never ever forget in my entire life,
Your motivation has built my faith stronger towards you.

With love you care me,
Taught everything that is under your patient,
Provided me with intelligent to distinguish,
What to do and what not to do?

You had always stand and fulfilled my wish,
Now that poor boy (me) is proud and contented,
Without you parents as he possess TCV Chauntra,
Staff as his parents
Without you all the staff, what I am today would not be possible.

As it is the rules and regulation of a school or our fate,
So, after one month I am again going to depart from my parents,
Pain is very hard to bear or put up with,
Impermanent world never let me
Do as my wish.

I will never forget my family (Chauntra)
Always live by your advice,
I will do that which will bring great pleasure to every being.

In this world of emptiness,
Everything appears to us in illusion.
Due to the cause of law and effect,
May god shower my family (TCV chauntra) with bright future a head.

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